STUDIO 909/Contemporary Figurative Atelier
Thousand Oaks, CA


After a successful Winter Figurative Intensive—2015, with an emphasis on drawing and painting the model from Life, I am excited to offer a curriculum where students can further delve into the Principles and Techniques of Painting from Life. This semester we will be even more attentive to the Principles of Color and Light, through our extended focus on four main exercises:
  1. Plane of Light Drawing
  2. Poster Study
  3. Plane of Light Color Study
  4. Rounding Study
Students will learn how to conceptualize the fall of light over the human figure and how to create that illusion with paint.

The greater part of my instruction is based on the clear exposition of underlying VISUAL PRINCIPLES. These are essentially abstract qualities embedded in the reality of what we see. I will draw heavily from a book that I am currently working on, which discusses ART as a VISUAL LANGUAGE, comprised of visual ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES. VISUAL ELEMENTS are WHAT we see. VISUAL PRINCIPLES are HOW we see.

My teaching is a compilation of perceptual, conceptual and physical exercises. It introduces unmistaken principles from a unique, unbroken, master-apprentice tradition, and cultivates them in the student through daily studio practice and critiques. The aim is to understand the figure visually, and as a living design — its structure, nature, character and the play of light upon it.

The Spring Figurative Intensive—2015 will be geared towards PAINTING with an emphasis on TRADITIONAL METHODS & MATERIALS. Students will receive real-time coaching and critique at their workstations, weekly lecture-demonstrations, and adequate time to study and practice the teaching on their own, in the life class.

The FIGURATIVE INTENSIVE program will be ongoing from one semester to the next. With continued enthusiasm and commitment, students will see a steady progression over time. Other types of courses will be offered as workshops throughout the year. 

For more information, please contact me at rwurmser@yahoo.com

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